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How to Request a Course Certificate
How to Request a Course Certificate

Lingu courses certificates explanation

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Since our courses do not have a fixed start or end date, you will not receive your course certificate automatically. You will need to request it by going to COURSE CERTIFICATES on the left side of your student homepage. Click 'Request Certificate' on the course listed there.

If there is no button, please contact our Customer Service team via chat (the blue chat bubble on the right bottom corner of the website) or via email (

When you click the 'Request Certificate' button, you will see a pop-up with information about whether you have passed the course requirements or not. When all requirements are met, you can submit your request by clicking again on 'Request certificate'.

The request will be handled by our Customer Service team, and the certificate will be sent via email within a few days. If you don't hear back within a week, please contact us. Certificate requests for Norwegian courses are handled at the end of each week in order for imported hours to be registered properly.

The certificate is issued digitally which means we do not issue a paper copy. All you need to do is print the PDF. There is an ID code on the certificate, which can be used by the immigration authorities to check the validity of the certificate and that the hours that you have achieved are correct according to our records.

​***PLEASE NOTE: Certificates are issued as a courtesy at the end of each level (not each course). If you have already received a certificate, you must send a written request to us in order to update the hour son the certificate. The REQUEST button will no longer be visible on your account. Additionally, we will issue a certificate for each level only twice for free. If you request updated certificates for the same level, on the third request, there is a 500 NOK fee.

Lingu is accredited by HK-dir (formerly Kompetanse Norge).

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