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The Time I Spend on Lessons is Not Being Tracked
The Time I Spend on Lessons is Not Being Tracked

Study time missing from the time summary

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Some students find that their study time is not being saved. This can happen when they are doing self-study, watching a video, writing an essay, or doing other tasks.

There are a few reasons why time might not be counted:

  • The timer stops when you reach the maximum allowed time for a task. The maximum time is 3 times the estimated time for that task. For example, if a task takes 10 minutes, you can only get credit for up to 30 minutes. After this limit, the timer stops.

  • The timer stops if you are inactive or leave your computer. It shows a notification in the upper right corner. When you start using your computer again, the timer resumes.


1. Go to your student homepage, and click on COURSE CERTIFICATES on the left-hand side.

2. You will see all your learning time divided between instructor-led classes and self-study materials.

You can see the learning time accredited for each course just under MY LEARNING RESULTS.

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