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The Time I Spend on Lessons is Not Being Tracked
The Time I Spend on Lessons is Not Being Tracked

Study time missing from the time summary

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Some students experience that even though they are studying with a self-study lesson, watching a video, writing an essay, or completing some other task, the time they spent on it is somehow not being saved.

There could be the following reasons for time not counting:

  • The timer will stop counting when you reach the maximum allowed for that task. The maximum time is 3 x the estimated time for that task (marked by each task). If a task takes an average of 10 minutes, you'll be accredited for a maximum of 30 minutes spent on that task. If you exceed this limit, the timer will stop counting on this particular task. 

  • You have been inactive or left your computer for a period of time. In cases as such the timer stops and shows a notification in the upper right corner. Once you start using your computer again, the tracking of your time will be resumed.


1. Go to your student homepage, and click on COURSE CERTIFICATES on the left-hand side.

2. You will then see an overview of all your learning time divided between instructor-led classes and self-study material learning.

You can see the learning time accredited for each course just under MY LEARNING RESULTS.

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