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Unwanted Renewal of a Subscription
Unwanted Renewal of a Subscription
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Some of our courses are subscription-based. Your access will renew automatically every month until you cancel the subscription or your bank declines the transaction.

The details about this are clear, both before and after you register for a subscription course.

A monthly subscription will renew every month on the same date unless you cancel it.

You cannot cancel the subscription after it has already renewed for another month.

Cancellation will take effect at the end of your current payment period, which is the next renewal date.

***Please note that our Customer Service Team cannot cancel subscriptions over the phone or by email. You need to cancel your subscription yourself from your member account page.

***Please follow the instructions below to cancel your subscription on your member account page.

1. Go to your student homepage page.

2. Click the 'three dots' on the top right of your course access, and use the 'My Subscription' option.

3. This will pop up another box showing your subscription information. Again, click the 'three dots' on the top right of this box. You will see the 'End my subscription' option at the bottom of the list. Click it to cancel this particular subscription.

Once the changes have been saved, you will see now that your course will be labeled as canceling. This means that your course access will continue until your current paid period ends. You can also see that the course description will have changed to reflect the end date of the current period.

We are sorry to see you leave us so soon. We hope you will come back to us to study with us again in the near future!

  • If an unwanted renewal has happened, and you have been charged but are unable to continue with the course, we still want to make sure that you get your money's worth. We can offer you a coupon for the outstanding amount (credit), which can be used for any Norwegian or Social Studies course with Lingu within the next 12 months. You are welcome to use the personalised credit coupon yourself or offer it to another person of your choice who would like to study with us.

Please read our terms and conditions for more details.

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