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Requirements for the Social Studies Certificate
Requirements for the Social Studies Certificate
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The requirements for the 75 hours of Social Studies course are:

  • Attend 3 virtual online meetings per module for a total of 9 meetings (9 x 90 minutes) in the virtual classroom.

  • Complete all 3 modules.

  • Time spent on chapters must not be lower than the estimated time

  • Submit module assignment and present during an online classroom meeting (arrange with an instructor in advance)

In addition, you also need to provide a valid Norwegian social security number and your registered date of birth. Your full name needs to be written identically to your official identification documents. You can add this to your profile.

The virtual classroom offers 3 classes per week. One module topic has three virtual classroom meetings. Each class occurs on a rotating basis. The topic will be listed in the meeting title. You need to finish the online self-study lessons before attending the corresponding class.

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