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How is Attendance in the Online Classroom Registered and How Can I Check It?
How is Attendance in the Online Classroom Registered and How Can I Check It?
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How is attendance registered? 🤔

Teachers register attendance in our system after each class based on certain rules which are explained below. They will do this within 48 hours of a completed class. 

Please be patient, and don't contact us with emails and phone calls if your attendance isn't updated right away. 😃 

For classes that use Adobe Connect, the system will automatically record your session duration and you will get a fractional attendance. For example, if you were logged in for 52 minutes, you will get 52 minutes attended - not 60 minutes.


  1. You must be present and available. If you log in to an online class but do not respond to your teacher's questions, you may be registered as absent (missing). Even if you experienced technical problems during class (for example with your audio), this may happen.

  2. If you are not able to participate with a working microphone, you will be marked as absent.

  3. If you do not actively participate in live written activities during the class, and/or the teacher cannot see 'a reasonable amount of activity from you during the class, you may be also marked as absent.

  4. You are required to be in a quiet environment while attending our online classes. Please note that any form of background noise which disturbs the teacher and other students will cancel your attendance and you will be marked as as absent. For example, background noises may be other people, sounds from public transportation, or work sounds such as machinery or equipment.

  5. If you are logged in but do not connect to the audio stream, you will not be given attendance. You can earn any accredited hours for this.

  6. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your class, you may find that your attendance is not registered. For example, this may happen if you log in halfway through the class session.

⚠️Please note that if you repeatedly attend class and do not observe the rules above which qualify you as an inactive student, your access to online live classes can be removed. Teachers may remind inactive students of these rules and notify them that they must follow these rules in order to attend and receive accredited hours.

⚠️Students who repeatedly log into a class but are inactive disrupt the overall experience of the class, and it is our job to ensure that all class participants have a meaningful and enriching learning experience without disruptions.

We appreciate your attention to the above rules for class participation!

Of course, it could happen that the teacher just missed your name on the attendance list. Kindly email the teacher directly if your attendance has not been registered 48 hours after the class, AND the above rules did not apply to you. 

If you don't have the email to the teacher, please contact the customer service via the blue chat bubble on the bottom right corner to get their email or via email to:
Customer Servise does not change attendance. This can only be don eby your instructor.

How can I check my attendance? 🤔

You can always check your attendance in your member area by clicking on Past classes under My calendar in your student profile on as seen below.


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