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Attendance Limit in Online Classroom
Attendance Limit in Online Classroom

Regulations and limits for attendance of live, online classes

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What is the maximum number of hours I can attend online classes per week?

There is no limit to how many classes you can attend!

We want you to learn and make progress as much as you can. ⭐️

Please note:

  1. Some classes may have limited seats. If they do, you will be asked to reserve a seat before attending the class. All weekend classes have a limit of 45 seats.

  2. There is an upper limit as to how many hours can be accredited for your official course certificate. Read more about that here.

  3. In order for the self-study material learning time to be accredited, you need a minimum of 2 hours of live classes per 10 hours of self-study.

  4. The average attendance of live classes per week is a minimum of 2 per week (on average).

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