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Reserve Seat for a Class
Reserve Seat for a Class

A quick guide on how to reserve seat for a class and how to cancel the reservation if you cannot attend.

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For courses that require a seat reservation, you will see a button to reserve seat for each class meeting. Click the link to reserve the seat. It will then say "Booked!" which means you have successfully reserved a seat.

Click again to cancel the seat reservation.

The same functionality works also open the class meeting details page:

If you don't see any such button for a meeting, making a seat reservation is not required, and you can simply show up for the class when it is time.

Please note:

  1. If you cannot attend the class you reserved a seat for, we would kindly ask you to cancel your seat reservation.ย 

  2. The system is currently set to allow you 3 future seat reservations. If you get an error message saying you are not allowed to book more classes, simply cancel one of your class meeting reservations, and try again.

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