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Having a problem requesting your certificate?
Having a problem requesting your certificate?
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If you have tried to request your course certificate, but you were unsuccessful, then you may be missing one of the required criteria for issuing certificates.
In order to issue your certificate, which is valid for use with UDI, you must have:

  • No outstanding (unpaid) invoices. if your account has an unpaid invoice, you will not be able to request a certificate via our website or by contacting our Customer Service team. All invoices must be paid before any certificates are issued. If an invoice is marked as unpaid in your account, but you have documentation that it has been paid, please get in touch with our Customer Service team to help correct this error in our system.

  • A minimum of two (2) hours of instructor-led class (live classes) attendance for every ten (10) hours online self-study.

  • A complete profile with full legal name, date of birth, Norwegian social security number, and a residential address in Norway. In order for your course certificate to be issued and valid to the Norwegian authorities, you must have your correct full legal name, birthdate, Norwegian residential address and Norwegian social security number listed in your student profile.

  • A valid course license for the study period. This refers to the duration of the course you purchased.

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