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Norwegian Course Certificate General Information
Norwegian Course Certificate General Information
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Lingu is an officially certified provider of Norwegian language courses for adult immigrants.

The following courses provide study hours approved by UDI for PR purposes:

  • Group courses: Fast-Track Online, Simply Online, HelseNorsk

  • Private PLUS Norwegian course

  • Corporate Fast-Track norskkurs bedrift courses which been purchased with approved hours for PR

Please make sure that you meet all of the requirements for the certificate to be issued. The requirements include both live classes with a teacher and completing online self-study materials (Sameneh's Journey). You can read more about course certificate requirements here. We issue one certificate for each level not for each separate course that you may take on the same level.

After you request your certificate, you will receive an email notification that it has been issued and it will be available in your Lingu student account on your certificate page.

The certificate does not have any expiration date and is only issued digitally. All you need to do is print the certificate PDF which includes a letter from HK Dir. verifying that Lingu is an approved Norwegian course provider. In this letter, there is a date indicating the approved time that Lingu is a provider. This time limit only indicates that Lingu will renew their approved provider status on that date and has no effect on the validity of your certificate. In addition, there is also an ID code on the certificate used by UDI to verify that your certificate is valid and your hours are correct according to our records.

You can request your certificate from within your student profile on In the menu on the left side of the home page, you can see COURSE CERTIFICATES. Click here and you will be able to request a certificate or view any previously requested certificates.

***PLEASE NOTE: Certificates are issued as a courtesy at the end of each level (not each course). We will issue a certificate for each level only twice for free. If you request updated certificates for the same level, on the third request, there is a 500 NOK fee.


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