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What is a subscription?
What is a subscription?
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A subscription membership model is a payment model where customers pay a regular fee in exchange for products or services. Lingu offers only a monthly subscription.
Here are the key points:

  1. Payment Frequency: Customers pay at regular monthly intervals.

  2. Automatic Renewal: Subscriptions automatically renew unless canceled by the customer before the next due date as described int he Terms of Service for Lingu subscriptions.

  3. Cancellation: Customers can cancel their subscription anytime before the renewal date to avoid further charges.

How this works is that if you purchase and begin your subscription on the 5th of June, then you pay for an entire month from the 5th of June until the 4th of July.

With your Fast Track Online subscription, you get access to your regular weekly classes as well as drop-in classes in our Simply Online course and online learning materials in Sameness raise, which you have access to 24/7 during your paid subscription.

With your Simply Online subscription, you have access to all of these classes and the Sameness reise learning materials 24/7 during your paid subscription.

You will have an optional renewal date on the same date of each month. For example, if you purchased the course on the 5th of June, your optional renewal date will be on the 5th of July.

Your subscription renewal happens automatically unless you cancel the course before the next renewal date. This means that if your rental date is the 5th of each month, you need to cancel on the 4th at the latest to end your monthly subscription.
Like other services you may use (such as the gym or streaming services like Netflix), you are welcome to use your subscription as much as you want during the paid period. In this case, this means you are welcome to study as much as you like with the self-study materials or join as many Simply Online classes as you like. There are no limits to how much you can use your course with Lingu. (HOWEVER; there are limits on how much time we can credit weekly towards your certificate, so make sure you check that too!).

PLEASE NOTE: If you are using your subscription to earn study time for immigration purposes, there are strict weekly time limits set by Kompetanse Norge on how many hours you can earn each week for certification, but our system does not limit your learning opportunities.

When you decide to change the course level, you can let your subscription continue and just change the course level. You can do this from within your member page in your Lingu account.

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