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When you log into and navigate to your member area, you get an overview of your active courses, upcoming classes and much more. Please take a few minute sbeofre your course starts to look around this area and get familiar with all the options available to you.
In the screenshot below, you can see some of the mostly commonly used areas of your MEMBER AREA circled in red. Each heading is clickable.


Here you can find messages for each of your courses. Messages Amy be posted by your teacher about important course details or messages may be posted by you or classmates. This replaces the old area called "The Wall".
Here you can see your recorded hours for each of your courses for both live classes and self-study materials. Additionally, when you re done with a level of Norwegian or your Social Studies course, you can request your button here.



When you click on your name in the bottom left corner, a new pop-up window will appear with choices about managing your account and your billing information.
You can update personal information under MY PROFILE and check your billing details, invoices and subscription renewal dates under MY SUBSCRIPTION. When you click on INVOICES, you will be able to download PDFs of all previously issued invoices.

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