Our in-house Norwegian courses in Oslo, Bergen, Stavanger and Sandnes have a recurring payment model, (ie. a subscription or membership). You need to register a credit card to join the course. 

Simply Online: NOK 1890 per month
Fast-track Online: NOK 2390 per month

Fast-track Classroom: NOK 2890 per month

If you rather want to receive an invoice and pay with bank transfer, the minimum course duration is 2 months. You need to contact customer support to be registered and receive and invoice.

Course fees

Prepaid course fees for in-house / classroom Norwegian language course:

  • 2 months: NOK 5,780
  • 4 months: NOK 10,900
  • 6 months: NOK 15,000
  • 8 months: NOK 21,000
  • 12 months: NOK 29,000

Prepaid course fees for Simply online Norwegian language course

  • 3 months: NOK 4,990
  • 6 months: NOK 9,750
  • 9 months: NOK 12,950
  • 12 months: NOK 16,200

For other course fees, please check out our course catalogue.

Language tests

Adaptive placement test: NOK 120 (included in course fee)

Lingutesten muntlig norsk: NOK 750

Lingutesten skriftlig norsk: NOK 750

Order tests online at lingutesten.no

Other fees

NOK 1 890: 1 month extended course license for Simply Online Norwegian course
NOK 750:    1 month extended course license for social studies
NOK 500:   Administration fee for refunds or course cancellations
NOK 350:   Confirmation letter for course attendance 

All prices are including VAT, if VAT is applicable to the specified service. Most courses are not VAT-applicable.

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