The requirements are:

  • Attend minimum 6 meetings (6 x 90 minutes) in the virtual classroom
  • Complete all 7 chapters
  • Time spent on chapters must not be lower than estimated time (up to 20% deviation is accepted)
  • Achieve minimum 85% score on all chapters, and 95% on the final test
  • Submit all required essays (min 150 words each)
  • Evaluate and comment on other student's essays (minimum 15 essays)
  • No outstanding (unpaid) invoices

In addition, you also need a valid Norwegian social security number and a registered date of birth. Your full name written identical to your ID documents. You can add this to your profile.

The schedule for the virtual classroom will have 3 classes per week, and it will rotate which chapter is the topic for the discussion. The topic will be listed in the meeting title. You need to finish the online chapter before attending the corresponding class.

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