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Regulations for Accredited Study Hours
Regulations for Accredited Study Hours

Learn how your study hours are accredited and counted

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The requirements for receiving a Norwegian course certificate are as follows:

  • A valid course license for the study period

  • No outstanding (unpaid) invoices

  • Minimum of two (2) hours of instructor-led class (live classes) attendance for every ten (10) hours online self-study

  • A complete profile with full name (which matches your official ID documents), date of birth, Norwegian social security number, and a residential address in Norway

Please note: Any use of scripts or bots to manipulate the timer is strictly forbidden and will cause the loss of all of your earned learning time so far.

Your course certificate will be uploaded to your account and sent via email as a PDF. We do not send hard copies.


In Norwegian academic contexts, it is common practice to count hours as 45 minutes (academic hour). This is also our practice at Lingu for traditional (in person-at-school) and live-online classes. For all online self-study materials study time, one hour is counted as 60 minutes. 

Example: 60 minutes online self-study + 45 minutes live class attendance = two hours


There is no limit to how much you can study online; however, there are limits to how much time can be accredited towards the certificate per lesson/task.
There is an average allowed study time per lesson which cannot exceed more than three times the average in order to count towards your study time accreditation.


There is no upper or lower limit of how much you can study; however, there are limits to how many hours can be accredited towards a course certificate on our Norwegian courses.

According to HKDir, you can get up to 12 hours of weekly accredited time. For each of these 12 hours, a minimum of two (2) hours must be spent in live, instructor-led training (in classroom or online classes), and the rest of the 10 hours can be spent on self-study material work.

It is the average of your study time that matters.

You can attend extra live classes later if you have not attended classes for some time. If you have earned four (4) hours during one week, and 20 hours during the next week, and your total study time is 2 weeks so far, then the average of your study time will still be counted as the average, which equals an average of 12 hours per week.

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